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kpwbo said:
If he existed, then you would "win" by worshiping it, right ? And if he didn't exist, then you wouldn't have lost anything. On the other hand, if you didn't worship it, you would have "lost" if he existed. It is a safer bet to worship god (I know that this is not the best reason to believe in god).

You're right, this is a pretty bad reason to believe in a deity. By believing something like this without any form of legitimate evidence to back it up you basically limit your own options. Not saying this apples to all theists, but it's far from uncommon for people to be blinded by their religion, even though there's no real reason for people to believe in the deity they worship to begin with, a fine example would be terrorism.

kpwbo said:
Also, we, theists, are aware of the existence of god. Usually, it is because god communicated with our ancestors in different ways, and they have transmitted us their knowledge of god. In some religions, he still does communicate with people today, which means that he is still there. Other religions claim that their god has left for some time and that he will return after.

Pics or it didn't happen . Now seriously, there's no evidence to back it up. Never has someone given any evidence that a god has communicated with him or her. Also, the fact that there are so many religions which believe in entirely different deityies doesn't help with the credibility issues. Also, why would a god just be like "hey guys, afk for a sec, brb in a few centuries"? That doesn't make an awful lot of sense to me.

#2 made some interesting points. When I think about it, he basically worded my thoughts on the subject, but he did a better job at it.

I have a shiny Froslass of roughly level 55, it's my pride and joy. Found a great way of grinding for ice pokémon, and it works like a charm.

ger80 said:
I never was a big fan of the Xbox, but when i see now how Sony trolled Microsoft I really had to laugh xD

That's how you can share games on Xbox one --> click

In comparison to that, you have Sony: How to share games on PS4.

Seriously, this commercial from Sony was just a punch in the face of Microsoft

Lol, I just love that. I've never really been a fan of either, but these days Sony is looking pretty good to me, at least a ton beter than Microsoft. Won't change the fact that I'm a Nintendo and PC person, but if I had to choose between M$ and Sony, the choice is easy.

Also, Megman in SSB4. I can't stop repeating how awesome that is, I've been wanting to see Megaman in a new game for a few years now (SFXtekken doesn't count, that ain't Megaman), so now I can finally stop complaining about Capcom. For now.

Composer said:
Yeah I loved that one also. No internet, go for a 360

I like how Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot over and over again, it's the best marketing for the other consoles I've seen in quite some time. Did you know Wii U sales went up by 800% after the Xbox One unveilment? I'm pretty srue that they didn't just shoot themselves in the foot, but that the sucker came right off.

The new Smash Bros trailer blew my mind. I mean, Megaman? Come on, that's just awesome! I really like how his moveset involves his simple buster and a ton of stuff from his variable weapon system, while barely using any melee moves (except for like one or two). Also, Pit's new moveset seems pretty cool as well, I think I even saw him doing an uppercut with the upperdash arm, which is pretty nice.

And on the subject of X and Y, the fairy type seems really nice. I wonder what it will do on the strategic front? Will fairy make a big difference, or will it simply be ignored in favor of the older types? I can't wait to find out.

kpwbo said:
I'd tell my favorite anime, but I'd likely be laughed at because, at the surface, it seems really childish.

What is it ?

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, you should look it up, but you can't judge it until you've seen the first four episodes.

Absence of evidence is basically the same as absence of credibility.

jaany2 said:
One explanation of why people started to believe in 'gods' is because things for which they had no explanation happened. This grew into people thinking that if a 'god' that does unexplainable things exists, 'it' must have a free will, and therefore bad things must be the will of this 'god' and resistance is useless.

P.S. the quotation marks are used to make sure none feels left out.

There's a problem with that these days though: science. It makes religion pretty much obsolete these days, because almost everything we need to know about the universe has been discovered already. Also, if a god knows all of the consequences his/her/it's actions have, I wouldn't worship it. I wouldn't worship a god that pretends to be good when it does these things, only if a god were to prove to me that he's completely good or evil would I worship it. Heck, even morally gray would be fine, as long this god doesn't have this pretentious air about it.

kpwbo said:
In Antiquity, there was no scientific evidence that America existed. Yet we now know that it exists. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

But no one believed there was this huge continent out there either. Besides, the only reason it was unknown was because of a lack of exploration of the Earth, these days all of the Earth is pretty much known. You could argue that the same is true if you replace America with god and Earth with the universe, but there's no reason to believe it's out there if there's no evidence to support it.

jaany2 said:
How would you explain why some people act in ways that are, from a logical point of view, completely unimaginable (except for the most obvious reason of 'they're just really, really, REALLY stupid')?

A fairly valid argument, but you kind of gave the answer to it yourself. Sometimes people can be extremely blind. Seeing this thread being about religion, I'm gonna use that as an example for this.

Some people think that because of a god, everything that's gonna happen is predetermined. This can blind them into looking at problems the wrong way. I'll use the example from the gun thread here, where a grandma of a shot child says it was destiny that the child died so soon. This is completely wrong, as it could've been avoided in many ways, and not a single deity whatsoever is needed in these solutions. They could've refrained from buying a ugn for their son as a toy. Guns could've been banned long ago. The parents could've informed their son of the risks of using a gun. They could've taken the ammo out beforehand. I think I could go on if I wanted to, but I think I made my point.

Also, yay, this thread leads to some food for thought for me, even if the subject is somewhat ridiculous.

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