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chrizzel28: That guy I dislike.

lennert123 said:
im just earning GIPS, not that pokemon still interests me xD, i just tell my opinions doesn't bother me what people think about it.
So go on and shoot me, im invincible

You could at least try saying something that makes sense, instead of spamming in the weirdest way I've ever seen.

lennert123 said:
far too much

Not trying to be a jerk here, but your arguments are getting worse and worse, the last two/three posts were barely understandable. I'm not trying to insult you, but it's just in my best interest to keep the argument interesting.

lennert123 said:
Nah i played with him, a nightmare to play with, in my opinion they made him "look" powerful but actually isn't.
If he attacks doesn't matter if it is a special attack or attack it only has the "120" base stat, that's really bad for a legend.
His defense is ok but not like that he's gonna resist a mega powerful attack.
They rate arceus much to high than he actually is

Ever seen a choice Arceus locked in extremespeed? Those things decimate whole teams if you aren't careful.

lennert123 said:
I don't like Arceus, strongest pokemon but actually low individual stats for a legendary

Gotta call bull here, complete and utter bull. It has weak individual stats because it has perfect balance in them, without making the uber tier unbalanced. And the main thing about Arceus isn't its stats, its his typing. All his types have different strategies attached to them, meaning you'll have to predict what type of Arceus someone brings to the table and adjust accordingly. He's one of the more interesting pokémon in my opinion.

Composer said:
But wouldn't it be a new pokemon then instead of an evolution? Mewthree or Mewtwo V2.0 ?

Lol... Well, we can always claim Nintendo logic and cal it a day .
Now on a more serious note, er, you really said you were right, you may have meant it in a different way, but I'm gonna go by what you saud.
And Composer, transformations are well explained: Giratina reacts to the griseous orb (which isn't really an orb), which is found in the distortion world, implying a close connection between those two. Arceus draws power from his plates, which explains why they make him transform. The therian trio comes from a dream world, and can only return to their original formes (which they have in this dream world) using a special mirror that returns things to their true form. See where I'm going with this? I'm pretty sure they'll explain the new form properly.

ger80 said:
this discussion really gets interesting

i see where you are going with this, but i disagree. Mewtwo was a clone of Mew and created by humans, cause they wanted to have the perfect and ultimate Pokemon. thats why i dislike that there will be a new evolution or transformations. if you already have something perfect, you don't need to make it better (better stats,etc). btw how can a pokemon, which was created by humans could transform or evolve? this is ridiculous, uncreative and only shows me that i'm right when i said there are to many pokemon. changing an (perfect) original, instead of inventing some completely new pokemon? really? seems the pokemon company don't have ideas left on doing so, thats why they change the originals and thats also why i dislike the style of most (ok, some might look pretty good) newer generation pokemon

It doesn't show you are right, it justifies your opinion. Now that I got a mildly hateful sentence out of the way, I gotta disagree:
Mewtwo was introduced as the best pokémon (and gamebreaker ), but also as an imperfect clone of Mew. Perhaps this form was created by humans to get it closer to Mew again? Like I said before, I think it's more respectful to give old pokémon new formes/evolutions than to leave them in the dust, so why shouldn't Mewtwo get a nice new form? Anyway, my only problem with what you said is that you claimed you were right, while it's a subjective matter. And it isn't that uncreative, it's only uncreative when you take it out of context completely.

Same, but Pit will have to be my favorite, ever tried Kid Icarus: Uprising? Best game ever, just try it. Also, Meta Knight is a great Pit counter (ever since MK was banned Pit's place on the tier list skyrocketed), so I guess that's a good reason to like MK, even though we always ban him at birthday parties and the like, same for Kirby.

Anything by Crush40 (What I'm made of, live and learn, open your heart, sonic heroes, sonic youth, one of those days, etc.)
I also love the music from Metal Gear Rising (It has to be this way, the only thing I know for real, the stains of time, rules of nature, red sun, the hot wind blowing, should I go on?).

ger80 said:
let me say it in this words. Mewtwo was (and still is) for me the mightiest pokemon ever. Mewtwo is just the ultimate pokemon and there is no need to introduce a evolution, a transformation or whatever. Like lennert said, Mewtwo is an original (like all Gen.1 pokemon). thats how everything started and in my opinion that is something that should be retained. you think that this would be negative, but i wouldnt say they would "choke on dust left by time". i would more say, that they would keep the classics. that would be more respectful for me.

btw. really they can change Magmar or whatever, but Mewtwo was a clone of Mew and was introduced as the perfect pokemon. they cant change it that easy

anyway you cant say that is bad and you also cant say someone is right in this talk. it are just different opinions

Good justification/explanation, I don't agree, but now I know why you think this way. Though think about it for a sec: He used to be the greatest pokémon, then more pokémon appeared and he wasn't alone (still the only pokémon to be in the uber tier from gen I all the way to gen V), and now that he isn't perfect anymore, he'll get a new form, most likely with better stats, see where I'm going with this?

Composer said:
I totally agree with that. Mewtwo is for me the ultimate pokemon togethe with Mew. The good pokemon and the evil. And how could professor Oak not know about the other 800 pokemons or how many there are now?

We're talking 90s here, the internet wasn't good enough to spread the news of pokémon from other regions .

Segomac said:
Pretty sure he meant that when mewtwo was firstshown, he was introduced as the ultimate pokemon, and he sees it that way still. Like he said, it's all the matter of opinion.

Anyways, I might change my favorite generation to 3rd generation. 386 pokemon seems to be enough for me. Sure it's missing half the moves there are today and doesn't have much to do than in the DS games, but they have enough as it is to satisfy me. I would also say it cause I own all of the gba pokemon games (Firered, Leafgreen, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald,) obviously Emerald is my favorite of them all because of the battle frontier; now that's a challenge

I really like the PWT more, it's fun challenging gym leaders and champions to test your team.

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