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Are we there yet?

I agree with you on most of this (didn't we get in a bit of a squabble about this earlier? Oh well). Anyway, I hope that if mods are chosen they won't be as immature as a certain someone.

The dinosaur.

Are we there yet?

Seems about right.

Edit: Second time I got this:
A single different answer can make a big impact.

drewmonster said:
Just watched some of GameGrumps vids. I love his uploads! Definitely favorited for sure

I know right!? Jon and Arin are awesome!

Metal Gameinterlude Solid (Metal Gear Solid, not really a movie, but egh).

These days it's:
1.) GameGrumps
2.) MatthewPatrick13
3.) SomeOrdinaryGamers

Ximax: The guy that thinks I have a cool signature.

chrizzel28: The guy that may or may not be schizophrenic

lennert123 said:
I'll make sense now: the ideas of Nintendo are getting stupid, look at that 5th generations all pokes look stupid, they are all based on earlier generation pokemons, they look too much like it, they only look more stupid now, they almost look like true animals instead of nice creatures

THANK YOU, now I finally have an argument to think about again. Well first of all, it's completely subjective that you think they look stupid, and I could also say Dragonite looks stupid because it looks like Barney, or that Mewtwo look stupid because it doesn't have a tail on the back of his head (), but I have to disagree on them looking like real animals. Only a small portion of them are like real animals, and a lot of them look really awesome. Lillipup may look too much like a puppy, but Haxorus evens it out with awesomeness. Purrloin may look like a cat, but Conkeldurr isn't like an animal at all. Volcarona may look like an awesome flame moth, but Darmanitan is nothing like an animal either. Besides, if looking like real animals is bad, explain Pidgey, Caterpie, Weedle, Ratticate and Magikarp, what makes them exceptions to your rule? Also, others like Gyarados and Parasect are nothing like "nice creatures". And far from everything in gen V is based on gen I, I don't remember seeing jellyfish, epic legendaries, any sort of deer, samurai like humanoids, etc. in gen I.
I just sunk in a lot of time to write this... Oh well, totally worth it.

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