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476 cheese

475 $_$

470 your smile makes me want to complain

468 well your comment about wanting to complain about me complaining at your comment makes me want to complain.

donkey kong

i got a shiny mew


466 that comment makes me want to complain

members in space

464 i just know i\'m gonna forget our new goal

Gohan13 said:
@dimitrisdo sorry you were 2nd

@Composer you\'re welcome

Event: Shiny Eevee - 14f8ea202db225

PS: Shadow Mew coming soon, maybe tomorrow

i requested a trade gohan, and thanks composer, very considerate of you.

Gohan13 said:
@Mr.Camacho ok.

@chrizzel28 post 2 ID codes.

@hasnat123 if you want to join us, click this link--->Guardians of GI Clan

@zzorigigafly welcome to Guardians of Gameinterlude

here you go:

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