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485 space is the best


483 you quoted ghirahim, i know my nintendo stuff, because nintendo is the best.

powered splash attack

was as epic

Gohan13 said:
here you go gohan, and no worries, that happens
I changed my mind and i offered something else, i hope you like it

Event: Shadow Mew - 14fcf4357e980c

@justforfun We don\'t know cause we don\'t have any information, i just accept the 1st offer.[/quote]
thanks gohan, now i have two beasts for private use!

justforfun said:
475 The weird eyes on everyone\'s post above me make me feel... give me... CHUCKLES!

But what makes me furious! Outraged! Sick with anger! is that most haven\'t posted the correct number

478 i see what you did there

here you go gohan, and no worries, that happens


red but green

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