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jaany2 said:
Yeah, for me it's Nintendo >> Sony > Microsoft. That is, when it's about the consoles.

Same here, I only like Sony because they have Metal Gear . I dislike their Nintendo ripoffs (the move controller basically did everything the Wii did, but too late for people to care bout it, and Playstation All Stars felt like an inferior version of SSB with less iconic characters), but at least it's better than the Kinect (lesson learned, only innovate when technology is ready for that innovation).

Kid Icarus: Uprising, my new favorite game of all time, and for good reasons.

I think that raising awareness is the best solution that's currently out there. Also, a gun control topic would be nice, another thread for fun arguments is always nice.

lennert123 said:
When does a ps4 exactly comes out?

Too late to catch up to the Wii U . Nah, just kidding, I think Sony will do better than Microsoft for some reason, just a weird hunch of mine, I'm probably wrong, or not, egh.

Anyway, I still believe that a Nintendo console, a handheld of choice and a PC should be enough to play all good games. The only exception recently has been Metal Gear Rising.

jaany2 said:
If anything, baritone should NOT decrease the flood control. I understand why you suggested it, but I find myself to be replying to a topic and having my post deleted because of the flood control quite often. Not because I spam the forums (I think), but because I want to reply to all the topics I'm 'following' in the morning and reading the newest posts and writing a post usually doesn't take over two minutes.

Exactly, the flood control shouldn't be increased, as that won't solve anything (it will slow 'em down, but won't solve the issue). I suggest that mods will be chosen so spam can be rooted out manually.

jaany2 said:
Really? It is obvious that the case you mentioned was a special case. If those kind of cases are the real problem, then why not find a solution to deal with those people, rather than the games they play. Like chrizzel said, we shouldn't include people that have mental problems.


And kids never should have guns in the first place, even in a country as twisted as America. It's irresponsible on a lot of levels, even without propper gun control in place, a parent shouldn't give their kids a killing tool. A lot of parents are, in fact, very irresponsible, but this was one step further. Heck, it was the partially the fault of the parents for letting him play violent games and giving him a gun to boot while he already has agression problems.

Just to be clear, this post wasn't to start about gun control, but mostly about irresponsibility of parents, which is the reason the rating system doesn't work most of the time.

Ximaxtron said:
Well the forum is going to be a less active without games so I will be more inactive now because I cant play games >.<.

He never said you can't play games, he was complaining about a persistent spam issue involving people playing the games too actively, in such a way that it's practically spam.

ger80 said:
chrizzel your words are a bit too hard, but yeah this somehow reminds me at some "rage-quittings" in the past.

i also re-read my pm to SiegePrincess, but i didn't see how this could have scared someone. i wasn't insulting her and also i didnt make reproaches. for some reason i feel fooled, cause it seems, that it is a hobby of some persons to twist up my words :/
so i also wrote another pm, which should make things (more?) clear.

anyway i never thought, that this discussion would end in a "battleground" for such a stupid reason. that really weren't the reactions i supposed. it really shows that some still have to learn how to behave after being critisized.

Sometimes you have to tell the harsh truth, or people simply won't get it through their skulls. I don't care if people like me for that or not, I'm just doing what I consider right.

It's also normal for people to twist words to victimize themselves (a lot of people really seem to like being in the victim spot for some reason).

Like I said, people like twisting words and taking them out of context, almost any thread can become a "battleground" if fools want it to become one.

drewmonster said:
You scared SiegePrincess from coming to the forums, and I have decided I would rather not deal with nonsense anymore.

So I'm gonna stop coming to the forums from now on and I don't wanna hear any more about this.

By saying this you made a complete fool out of yourself, you've only proved that you can't deal with your problems. By saying this, the rest of your argument is completely obliterated.

Ximaxtron said:
I think so
Why people like games?

Why not? (question and answer)

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