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Edit: Nvm, forgot about your second hint.

Edit2: Haha, gotcha now, it's Kakuna!

It's for the better that I wasn't chosen, considering I'm a power hungry fool. Congratulations to all that were chosen, just don't get in stupid arguments with me, because I will probably beat you in it and reduce your credibility quite a bit.

Also, I don't know how to properly end this post, so I'll just end it with this quote: "I NEED SCISSORS! 61!"

jaany2 said:
My favourite series are the Pokémon and the Legend of Zelda series. But Pokémon Yellow will always be my absolute favourite (darn you, nostalgia and your biasing powers!).

Finally, thank goodness there's someone that admits nostalgia is the main reason they like the classic games more!

Anyway, went back to some older posts and fixed the grammar (was it really that bad before the turn of the year? Dang, glad my new years resolution was to patch up my grammar on the internet).

Segomac: the guy that gave me a title I don't understand (the heck is a pipe bomb king?)

Lennert: The guy that doesn't always understand Jaany

Jaany: The guy that speaks about things Lennert doesn't understand

Chrizzel: The guy that chips away at people that give bad arguments

kpwbo said:
Almost all of my favorite songs are in Japanese (even though I don't speak Japanese ).

Ha! I can definitely relate to that. Anyway, here's another one of my favorites:

Have you ever slashed a soul to ribbons?
Have you ever believed in a mirage?

My ears are ringing with a sound

Feel the vibrations – my hearts starts to pound (pound, pound)

Give in to darkness, bodies melt
How do we play the cards we’ve been dealt (dealt, dealt)
Beauty – it’s humanity’s greatest sin

Beauty – hiding the beast that lies within

For all our righteous crimes we compensate

But as for me it’s far too late

I can’t deny the voices inside my brain
It’s not a dream – we’re one and the same

You should know that a soul can’t be cut

(Can’t be cut)

No matter what blade you wield
If you follow your own path to justice
(Path to justice)
The brutal truth will be revealed


The sound’s getting louder

And louder and louder
And louder and louder
You should know

This song is "A soul can't be cut", from the Metal Gear Rising soundtrack, and I forgot to mention that the first song I posted is "The war still rages within", which is the credits theme from Metal Gear Rising.

Ximaxtron said:
This post is just a copy of m16dernwarfare hack =_=

I unsubscribed to him quite a while ago, did he post anything interesting in the last 30 days? Last I checked he's pretty dead, but then again, I haven't checked in a long while.

I have the tendency to spam random song lyrics when chatting on servers for MC, so might as well post lyrics for good songs here. Post lyrics for one of your favorites too, can't hurt.

Looking down on the cars on the highway, a stream of tail lights.
Everybody advancing together, do so willingly sacrifice rights.

When people accept, they're cogs in the system.
Give up free will, conform.
Individual pieces of dust swirl together, become a full storm.

Looking down on the burgeoning city, the skyscrapers rise.
Even men with the greatest intentions, start believing their own lies.

We can borrow from the future, but eventually someone's got to pay.
The only way out of the cycle, is to strike out and pave your own way.

We all fight, our own fight, will you fuel the desire to win?
Always struggling, with the truth, of the life that might have been.

But no matter how jagged your path is, you'll always come back to the road.
When the dust of battle settles, the war still rages within.

I like how these lyrics pretty much describe my view of the world, can't wait to see if you guys post anything interesting.

Segomac said:
It may be cause you aren't answering as accurately and being as honest with your answers. Both Shellder and slowpoke perfectly describe me since I was honest with my answers.

Same for me, they were pretty accurate in my case.

kpwbo said:
Question :
Do you think gun control should be more strict ?

Sub-questions :
- Do people need to have guns to feel safe ?
- Is limiting gun ownership going to reduce the risk of mass murders ?
- Can we make a completely gun-free country (except for the military aspect) ?

Yes, no doubt about it, right now you can practically barge into a Walmart and walk out with a gun (not seriously, but you get the general jist of what I'm saying, right?).

The only reason people need guns to feel safe is because violent morons also have guns. Over here in Europe people feel safer without having any guns nearby, whether it's their own or someone else's gun.

Yes, it's about damage control really. If someone is insane, they'll go for it either way, but they can't kill as many people with a knife now, can they?

Unfortunately, America is diseased, rotten to the core. There's no saving it at this point. So a near-complete lack of guns is impossible, but they should definitely try to limit it. Complete banning will unfortunately cause an illegal market at this point, just look at the (pointless) war on drugs.

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