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Composer said:
Hmm only a few steel types I know. Steelix ? Probably not

Lol, not even close.

This steel type pokémon fights for justice.


kpwbo said:
It's Celebi. Arceus can't have all the types at the same time.

This Pokémon is the only one that evolves twice by trading. What is it ?


lennert123 said:
hard pokemons to find?
hmm mew? but it hasn't so many weaknesses :/

Hmm Celebi is also hard to find, psychic grass: weak to dark, ghost, fire, fly,ice, bug and poison
I think i found the answer

That one seems possible, considering Celebi was only available in a single event where I live a few years ago, and was only available in a japanese only special edition of Colloseum otherwise. That is, without counting all those Japan only-events.

My own bet is Arceus though:
He was only available outside Japan once.
He also has all types, therefore all weaknesses.

Guys, any of you ever seen Kadabra's dex entry? I'm over 90% sure that the answer here is Kadabra.

Segomac said:
So close! It is in the Kanto region and one of those answers are extremely close to the answer.


Segomac said:
I'm guessing it would be Garchomp...

Dangit, you got me!

Here I go:
This pokémon resembles both a shark and a wyvern, though the shark resemblance is more obvious.

kpwbo said:

What Pokémon is Poison/Bug ?
(Notice the order.)

Venonat? Venomoth? Weedle? Beedrill? Spinarak? Ariados? Dustox? The Venipede evolution line? Skorupi? Did I give way too many answers?

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