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I've recently started taking a liking to manga and anime. I can repress my emotions quite easily, but sometimes they tell stories that even I can't handle without feeling sad. I'd tell my favorite anime, but I'd likely be laughed at because, at the surface, it seems really childish.

No, just no. I don't believe in a higher power or deity, because not a single shred of (valid) evidence has been presented. The simulation thing seems equally illogical, but it's an interesting thought. Also, I'm pretty sure that we have full control over ourselves, none of that "destiny" bull you often hear about. Also, if we were a book, a lot more inconsistencies would occur, there's almost always some sort of mistake in the universe of a long running series, especially over the course of... I should Google the age of our universe, but meh.

jaany2 said:
In case you didn't notice yet, humans are.

I actually did notice it long ago, but these are the kind of things that keep reminding me of that. There are so many ways in which I'm disgusted by humanity, but this takes the cake.

ger80 said:
Also totally agree with you. I also was really sad when i heard that. But later my sadness developed into anger, after i watched a report, where the grandmother (?) said that this all was destiny and that god wanted that to happen. Personally i don't believe in any god, but seriously, how can someone think, that a god wanted a 2 year old girl to get shot?

Wow... Just wow...

That's just flat out disgusting. I don't believe in a god, and even if I did, I wouldn't believe in all that destiny hogwash.

ger80 said:
I was going a bit through the forum and havent noticed before that here is such a serious topic here.

First of all i think it is to easy if you say "Just give 1 weapon to the "boss" of the family". How do you say who the "boss" is and afterall the rights should be the same for everyone!

Honestly often I don't have any words for the behaviour of the gun lobby in the United States. When there was the massacre in Newtown, where 20 children were killed, the gun lobby argue that there have to be more weapons, to prevent such things! That is for me totally unintelligible.

Also that there exist guns that are produced for kids is something where i can only shake my head. Seriously, how can weapons be seen as "toys" for kids? When a five year old boy shoots his two year old sister with his OWN gun, you should normally know that there is something wrong with actual system! Therefore I remember a picture i saw in the past which shows especially that:
I guess i dont need to say more about it...

Couldn't agree any more with you. I was especially saddened when I heard that story about the kid that shot his sister for the first time (I rarely empathise with people, but a kid losing her life because a parent can't even think rationally on the most basic level, it just saddens me), what kind of monster gives his/her child a gun? Heck, what kind of monsters want people to have guns to defend themselves, when the gun was the problem to begin with? I think a lot of things are redeemable, but I just don't have that feeling with guns, there's no point to them besides war.

lennert123 said:
Hopefully it won't burn to much at my eyes, like kpwbo says: it can be fantastic but also a nightmare (atm i think the 2nd)

You mean the 3D? That's easy to fix when it hurts your eyes, just turn the slider thingy to the right of your 3DS screen down and there ya go. I rarely use the 3D myself, except when playing some of my favorite Kid Icarus Uprising chapters.


Just came to the realisation I posted this in the wrong forum section...

Anyway, I agree on the 3rd party characters for Smash Bros, and though I think Snake might not return, there will likely be some interesting character or another to accomodate or the lack of Snakes in there. I almost forgot that they're gonna show X and Y too, can't wait to see what new things we might see in there.

I wanted to have the view of all you guys on the next E3 in about two weeks. The main question I'm asking is: "what games are you the most excited about?"

I'm most excited about Super Smash Bros 4 myself, mainly because I love crossovers and fighting games that try to stand out from the competition. I also hope to see some more of Sonic: Lost World, because the trailer has shown me a rather interesting new style of gameplay from this franchise, and I can't wait to see what else they can do with it (besides, SEGA and Nintendo working together on a game like this can only succeed).

Also, lol at the XBax Juan, I get the feeling Microsoft is trying to bring us a modern version of the Dreamcast scenario.

I've recently taken a liking to Froslass, so now both of my favorites are available.


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