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Welcome to Game Interlude, dear player! You're probably asking yourself a few questions about the site if you arrived here. This section will inform you about anything you might need to know about Game Interlude! We hope this will help you enjoy the site even more!

User Registration and Profile Pages
Rating and Commenting games
Game Interlude Points (GIPS)
Clan Challenges
How Do I Take a Screenshot?

User Registration and Profile Pages

You can signup for free to Game Interlude and access all member's features. They are two ways a user can register. The first way is by clicking on the "Register" link at the top right user area and by filling out your information! The second way is by connecting your Facebook account with Game Interlude. You can do that by clicking on the Login with Facebook button at the top right user area. In a click, an account will be created for you, retrieving your Facebook name and profile picture. You will be able right away to modify you name and picture to make them fit your desired username and avatar.

If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on the "Forgot password" link on the login page.

Rating and Commenting games

Registered users may vote on each game once by clicking on the star bar, from 1 to 5, above the game screen. A vote cannot be changed once it has been made. The total game rating is based upon the users votes! Registered users may also leave comments on games. All comments have to respect the commenting rules

Game Interlude Points (GIPS)

Game Interlude Points (GIPS) are earned by interacting with different parts of the site. You will be rewarded GIPS for the following actions:

Action Points earned
Earn Game Achievements 5-15-30-60 GIPS
Rate a Game 1 GIPS per 5 ratings
Comment a Game 1 GIPS per 5 comments
Play a Game 1 GIPS per 5 plays
Refer a friend 30 GIPS upon sign-up Feature deprecated
Post in the forum 1 GIPS per 2 posts


Your Game Interlude Points are displayed at various places. They appear in your Profile, with your activities statistics, as well as in your User box. They are also displayed in the Top Players area and in the Member list.

If your posts or comments contain abuse, they will be deleted as well as your earned points! Be aware of the rules guidelines when you post to retain your points.


Earning GIPS will make you climb the rank ladder. Your level is displayed in the members list, in the Top Players module, in your Profile and in the user area. The current levels are the following. Note that they may change as Game Interlude evolves.

Level GIPS required
Level 1 0-19 GIPS
Level 2 20-39 GIPS
Level 3 40-59 GIPS
Level 4 60-79 GIPS
Level 5 80-99 GIPS
Level 6 100-119 GIPS
Level 7 120-139 GIPS
Level 8 140-159 GIPS
Level 9 160-199 GIPS
Level 10 200-249 GIPS
Level 11 250-299 GIPS
Level 12 300-349 GIPS
Level 13 350-399 GIPS
Level GIPS required
Level 14 400-449 GIPS
Level 15 450-549 GIPS
Level 16 550-649 GIPS
Level 17 650-749 GIPS
Level 18 750-849 GIPS
Level 19 850-999 GIPS
Level 20 1000-1149 GIPS
Level 21 1150-1299 GIPS
Level 22 1300-1449 GIPS
Level 23 1450-1599 GIPS
Level 24 1600-1749 GIPS
Level 25 1750-1899 GIPS
Level 26 1900-2049 GIPS
Level GIPS required
Level 27 2050-2199 GIPS
Level 28 2200-2349 GIPS
Level 29 2350-2499 GIPS
Level 30 2500-2799 GIPS
Level 31 2800-3099 GIPS
Level 32 3100-3399 GIPS
Level 33 3400-3699 GIPS
Level 34 3700-3999 GIPS
Level 35 4000-4299 GIPS
Level 36 4300-4599 GIPS
Level 37 4600-4899 GIPS
Level 38 4900-5199 GIPS
Level 39 5200-5499 GIPS
Level 40 5500-5999 GIPS
Level 41 6000-6499 GIPS
Level 42 6500-6999 GIPS


When playing games with an Achievements icon Achievements, you can earn Game Achievements as well as different GIPS rewards depending on their difficulty. An Easy Achievements earns you 5 GIPS, a Medium Achievement 15 GIPS, a Hard Achievements 30 GIPS and an Insane Achievement 60 GIPS. To earn the Achievement and the GIPS, make sure to submit your score at the end of the game or when the game asks you to do so. Most of the games with Achievements have a little tip just on top of them to help you earning them. All your Achievements are displayed in your profile. View All Achievements here.


When playing games with an Highscores icon Highscores, you can earn Medals if you manage to get a GameInterlude highscore in the Top 3. After submitting your score in a game, you will earn a Gold Medal for a 1st place, a Silver Medal for a 2nd place and a Bronze Medal for a 3rd place. You can loose a Medal if someone else takes your place in the Top 3 of a game's highscores. The amount of Medals you currently have is displayed in your profile.


GI users have the possibility to create or join Clans. Clans are a great way to be part of a group with other players, making new friends, competing in Clan Challenges and establishing yourself as an active and known GI member. Being part of a Clan greatly increases your GI experience!

The Clan feature is still in development and new things are planned to be added, such as more clan upgrades.

View all GI Clans here.

Clan Challenges

Clans Challenges are Clan vs Clan battles created by leaders and co-leaders. A pre-determined ammount of clan members can join and participate in a given challenge, forming the challenge team who competes for the highest cumulative score in a given game and a given leaderboard. Currently, Clan Challenges can have the following variables:

Teams: 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5, 10 vs 10
Duration: 2 days, 4 days, 1 week, 2 weeks

Clans challenges stats (victories, defeats and draws) are displayed on the Clan page and are visible for everyone!

How Do I Take a Screenshot?

Here are two well detailed tutorials explaining how to take a screenshot. Make sure to pick the tutorial for your computer:

Windows Tutorial
Mac Tutorial


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