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Dear all of you

Dear all of you,

I can't begin to tell you how touched I am from all your words. GameInterlude brings just as many good memories as it does for each of you. It's been a big part of my life in the last years, going back to 2010! Seeing that all of you have grown and that GI still holds a place in your hearts and childhood/college memories means a lot to me. That's the reason I built GI.

The shutdown of Mochi several months ago was a hard hit for GI, and for me. It felt all my efforts put in building something great were suddenly for nothing. GI has been a personal project since the beginning and a great achievement for me. To tell you the truth, it never really brought in much money, but I didn't care, since learning and building everything was rewarding enough.

Now that I'm pulled back here after seeing the petition and reading this thread, I feel nostalgic. I don't want to let GI go, and never really wanted, but at the same time, I know it will be nearly impossible to build something new and as great out of the ashes of Mochi.

On the other hand, I could add every now and then fresh games to the site, bringing a little bit of life back to GI.

I wish you all the best and I'll see you around, hopefully.


First of all, it feels good to hear something from you again.

However, I can really understand you, when you said you felt that because of the Mochi shutdown all your efforts 'were suddenly for nothing'. Who wouldn't have the same feeling. With the Mochi shutdown, most parts, which made GI so special for me were affected (Highscores, Medals, Achievements, Clan Challenges).

Adding new games to the site would surely not be the solution for all the problems here, but it would bring back at least some of fresh wind here for now. At least there would be something new. And who knows, maybe there would be another solution sooner or later. At least I still hope so, even it will be hard (or nearly impossible...).

PS: Is there anything new about alternatives for Mochi now? But from reading your post, I guess that the alternative you mentioned before (GamerSafe) also won't work out and solve this issues for now, right?
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Thank you, Baritone!

You showing your face around here really means a lot to all of us. I, too, understood why you left when you did, but that doesn't mean I'm not glad to have you back.

Implementing a new system for scores won't be easy, but I'm sure you can do it. There's no reason to rush, though: we are perfectly satisfied with simply having you around. Maybe we get to interview you after all.
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I haven't been around much, because it's been so dead, but if you're back-ish, I'll check back more often. Other than that, can't really say much else that hasn't been said before, so I'll finish up by saying that I hope you can work it out, and that the site can one day be back to it's former glory.

*closing statement*
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I didn't come here after 1 year just to see doubts and regrets, you can as well ignore this message and move on.

I am pretty sure most of us will never forget GI, a place where it was fun to play, and had lots of competitions.
WE can't really make Baritone stay and continue trying to make the website grow, because I know miself and I am sure he probably doesn't get any decent income from it, and for a grown up person he also have things to do in real life, mantaining a website is already a lot of work.
He must decide on his own what to do ownwards, you can sign a little petittion, but don't ever try anyone to do anything forcefully.

Another thing I want to make clear:

Baritone: ''It felt all my efforts put in building something great were suddenly for nothing''
Never say, never think that again, you didn't make the most popular flash game website in the world, but you gathered over 10000 people, which I find amazing.
You never did anything for nothing, I can say some people made a spot in their soul for this website, I am pretty sure, that I will never forget this website, we had so many good times playing together, putting aside the conflicts.
You made lots of people happy, you made lots of people GI a daily place to come, lots of people admire you and respect you even if they don't know you in real life, if that is not enough of a reason why you have done all of this, then don't continue with the website, I am sure it's giving you a lot of trouble, but if you do care how happy you made other people, and you are 100% confident that you want to continue with the website, you can ask me anything you want, I will help

I love gi to it is a place of fun

I've only started for like a few weeks ago and GI relieves stress for me. hope GI gets more attention.

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