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Whats your best pokemon in PTD1 or PTD2

Please post which is your best pokemon it would give me ideas on how many of you guys have really strong pokemon

If by "best" you mean the highest leveled, then in PTD1 I have lots of level 100 Pokémon . In PTD2, it's... (went to check) a level 26 Croconaw (I don't really play PTD regularly. Time is missing.)

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I have a shiny Froslass of roughly level 55, it's my pride and joy. Found a great way of grinding for ice pokémon, and it works like a charm.
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For PTD1 my strongest pkmns were a Shadow Arcanine level 100 and a Shadow Suicune level 100 (i was a shadow collector xD) but i had a lot more strong pkmns but i normally used those 2 in every battle and for PTD2 well i stop playing PTD so the last pkmns i had were a Zorua level 7 and a Cyndaquil level 12 xD

nice caliblaze and chrizzel could you teach me that trick

in ptd1 a lvl 89 shiny hypno. shiny hypno is pink. PINK!!! and in ptd lvl 28 rattice.

Awesome and maybe i could trade you for that hypno

ptd1 a Mew Level 93.ptd2 a Celebi Level 25.

In PTD1, its Dragonite. Dragonite has a very large movepool and a reliable recovery, Roost. Unfortunately, since Outrage immediately gets confuse in one use, I used Dragon Claw as my main Same Type Attack Bonus move. It gets Dragon Dance to buff up its Attack and Speed. Its also the only Pseudo-legendary Pokemon to use in PTD1.

In PTD2, its Garchomp. Garchomp is very unique. Its has a 102 base speed. Its a bulky, powerful physical attacker and combine with Swords Dance, its absolutely a monster that shreds everyone with its great moves.

In ptd 1 I had a lot of level 100 pokes but I never had a legendary( except for the birds trio ) but I always use charizard,jynx,snorlax and Eevee
For ptd 2 the strongest pokemon I had was a level 48 vanilluxe.
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