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im trading a shiny mudkip im looking for a shadow mudkip anyone want to trade?

i have a regular metagross sorry

i have a shiny emboar i can trade for it?

i have a shiny articuno do you also have a shiny mudkip,sheldon or seviper too?

i have a shiny oddish,digglet,shadow kangakhan,and a shiny hitmonchan

ok heres the code 15233859934a9a

i have a shiny heracross what shiny dog are you offering?

i offered on tangrowth

im trading a shiny male flareon 1522aecad53731 im looking for any of these:male shiny eevee,female shiny flareon,male shiny jolteon,female shiny espeon or male shiny umbreon any level

i offered on shiny gyarados

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