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I just wanted to create this thread to see if anybody plays LoL/League of Legends. If you do not, I highly recommend it. It is a great MOBA with over 67 million players a month.

Play LoL Today!
(when you sign up using my link, when you reach Level 10, you get a new champion)

Its sort of a giveaway, but in this case, since we're talking about PTD 2, it sort of giveaway/auction/trade.....

this post is only for ptd 2

OK, I'm starting giveaways. To start thing off since this is my first giveaway, I'm giving away a shiny Mew. Just offer (No hacked please) So hurry! Ends in 168 hours or just 7 days from this post!

UNHACKED SHINY MEW ID-15192d03539f4e

Someone already did....sorry

Okay, here are more shadows, I'll accept hacked for hacked.

shadow golem-1518e587005138
shadow sandshrew-1518e58b314d6b
shadow charizard-1518e58ce193e5
shadow venomoth-1518e59048d340
shadow primeape-1518e5941b7331
shadow victrebell-1518e5972e5e61
shadow alakazam-1518e59c1394a2usr_img

Shadow tropius and a 500 giveaway pokemon would be nice..... usr_img

Like in Red Balls 4, how the hell did people get over 18,300?! I got both achievements! 18,300 is the highest score!:confused:

No, except for the unknown, you can get the others from PTD 1. I really mean a shadow unknown

I don't know if anybody wants them because they are obtainable at PTD 1.

~SHADOW MAGMAR-(15189ba3045589)
~SHADOW MAGIKARP-(15189bb57884a7)
~SHADOW PARAS-(15189bb2423cc9)
~SHADOW UNKNOWN-(15189bbaa3df5b)

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