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okay guys, i have a shadow hitmonlee, shiny nidoking, shadow rhydon, shiny snorlax, shiny exeggute, shiny rhydon, shadow growlithe, shadow charmeleon, shadow cloyster, and shadow muk

What i want for some of these are shadow abra, shadow drowzee, shadow mr mime, shadow mew, shadow victini, shadow venonat, and shadow caterpie

pchung i looked at your profile and what i want on it is a shiny eevee, a shiny horsey, a shiny voltorb, a shiny grimer, a shiny nidoqueen, and a shiny pikachu.

What i have is a shadow charizard, shadow growlithe, shadow sandslash, shadow goldeen, shadow hitmonchan, shadow machamp, shiny slowpoke, shiny psyduck,, shiny dodrio, shiny exeggutor, shiny rhydon, shiny squiritle, shiny charizard, and shiny venomoth.

Juanic95 said:
i dont trade my shadow entei but im interested in suicune, you trade it ?

sorry juanic i already traded it for the shadow entei

m16dern, just thought id tell you that in the past week I\'ve seen two different impostors

I am now offering a shadow suicune, shiny ditto, shiny exeggutor, shiny dratini, and a couple other shinies for a shadow entei

zatoichi, here is my updated offer for the shadow entei, i have a shadow sandslash, shadow venomoth, shiny parasect, shiny ditto, shiny gyrados, and either a shiny dragonite or shiny charizard

forget the shadows, i can also trade you a shiny venomoth, shiny vileplume, shiny hitmons, and various others

zatoichi the best i can offer right now is a shiny gyrados, shiny ditto, shadow venomoth, shiny charizard, and some other shinies

N64 for sure, legend of zelda ocarina of time and majora\'s mask, pokemon stadium, the original super smash bros, mario kart, the original mario party, kirby and the 64 crystal shards, dk 64, banjo kazooie, and diddy kong racing

I say shadow rhydon or shadow entei, shadow rhydon is cooler, but i want to complete my shadow trio so i really want a shadow entei, oh and I\'m max412

baritone i know you\'re really busy working on this site and its great, but i was wondering if you had an ETA on when there would be more achievements, because I\'ve pretty much gotten all the ones i can realistically get, and i don\'t feel like spamming 256 comments so i can get some stuff from the shop

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