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Sonic- Sega megadrive

chrizzel28 said:
[quote=Chaosaura]I\'m from New Zealand, it\'s really small compared to some of the places you guys come from XD

i come from the netherlands, i think that\'s the smallest country on this topic[/quote]
Yeah, I went to amsterdam recently and was surprised how small holland was- but new zealand is smaller!

Pretty hard- I guess for multiplayer it\'d be either smash bros or mario kart. Not sure single player
Conker\'s Bad Fur Day was also pretty brilliant but most people won\'t have heard of it nowadays =\\

It says google chrome automatically updates adobe flash player

jamaela18 said:
Surfing the Internet from Portugal. I dont blame you for not knowing where Portugal is.:nod:


coins said:
I watch anime. Anything.

You seen fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood ?
That\'s my fave

jamaela18 said:
Favorite has to be Playstation without any doubt.
Favorite game...Crash Bandicoot 2 <3, my first game ever!!!:cool:

Good shout for crash bandicoot! Great game =D

One isn\'t enough- gotta catch em all!

buhloo said:
Any of that can fly and carry me and isn\'t lame. Something like Charizard or Dragonite.

Charizard is moody though!

SRG said:
The whole reason Shadow Pokemon have an advantage over shinies is the fact that they have Shadow Rush, which can be effective against all types. But as of now, they level up more slowly than both regular and shiny pokemon. I prefer shiny pokemon, but I\'m willing to hold on to any rare Shadow Pokemon if I get lucky at the Daily Gift in the Pokemon Center.

Maybe effective against all but super effective against none

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