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I'm supporting this petition totally, it's been much fun here and i couldn't watch it dying, that's also the reason why i left here earlier. It was too painful to see everything fading away. So i hope in the deepest of my heart that this petition will make baritone return here.

I think this is a wonderful idea, this will first of all be a big reward for the friendly and helpful people and also will bring the GI- members closer to each other

ger80 said:
I already got multiple times the question from GI-member, who asked, when the thousands of new players will arrive on GI.

So will this still happen? And if yes, will this happen soon or more likely later? Maybe you can also say a bit more about the special partnership?

Since I can't give them an answer for that, I wanted to ask you again. Hopefully you can give the GI-members some answers. Thanks in advance for this

Indeed, i think we are all very curious now for more information and so i think it would be awesome if we know what the future brings.


It's a shake in the mcdonalds now.

Bananas or apples?

Peewee is here

Anyone likes American Pie?





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