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It appears that words between <> are interpreted as HTML tags xd.

That is potentially dangerous, and should be the first thing baritone fixes if he ever comes back.

That's probably wrong...

So the man without limbs "wrote" whitespace ( " " ). Limbs are not needed to write it, sight is not needed to read it, a voice is not needed to say it and hearing is not needed to listen to it.

Again, that's probably wrong. xd


(Queen - We Are The Champions)


(Activity on GI ? )

I'm currently playing GPX+ (my profile), and well, PTD2 (still waiting for Volcanion to come out...). I'm also playing Pokémon Shuffle on my 3DS, and I sometimes play Pokémon X or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. I would play more, but I don't have much time with university .

Welcome to GI, debianu !

I support the idea.

I'm currently at school and pretty busy, I'll edit the post later.

Since MochiMedia's shutdown, the current achievements will never work. The admin of GI is trying to find another way to make achievements.

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