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Thank you very much Tony. Still, a long way to go before completing the First Generation Pokedex.:nod:

Ready ShadowMewy.
Tonyy, may I have Snorlax and Eevee, please? I offered as Chiki.

Hi ShadowMewy. I offered as Chiki.

I love the forums. It is really nice to chat with people from lots of countries. I have met really nice peolpe here (And they know who they are ). Sadly, time is not on my side and I wish I could relax a little bit more.
If there was something to change...mmm... maybe as others said already, some more frequent achievements. But I would also recommend to make a little bit easier to edit things in posts of the forums, such as font type or color, size, add videos, documents, music, etc.
I wish the page improves and becomes bigger and better as time passes. Thanks for all your efforts, Baritone, as well as for your good team of moderators.

Thanks for the sweet and easy to understand explanation

Baritone, thank you very much for your help!

After a game finishes its downloading time to be played, the Adobe Flash Player configuration screen appears. All the text is in white, so it is almost unreadable. I can't exit that window, no matter what button I press. Please, if someone knows how to solve my problem, I would really appreciate you answered as soon as possible.

Summer :cool:


Rascists from attacking.

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