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I\'ll participate then.

P.S: For one second i thought you wanted the troll cat achievement...i will never get that!!!

Now I\'m confused. Wasn\'t this about Game Interlude?

Gohan13 said:
harry241101 wow you\'re the biggest spammer ever:angry:

Don\'t spam or they will ban you:nod:

Don\'t bother...Its just not worth it...
He leaves, then another one pops right out...

Ahahah, thanks. But Catnarok is a game i can\'t understand.

As for football, I support Benfica but I enjoy watching football overall.

Well...Someone forced me to join by a undisclosed person(*cough*GaryDos*cough*) and here i am!!!
That person also told me about some contest, but i\'ll gladly wait for next one.

Shizu_Elk said:
xD i have a cat that would totally be a glameow her attacks would be scratch. slash. charm. and attract xD


..can you tell that i love cats xD

See, the fact that you replied this is a victory to me!!!:cool:

I hope the best of lucks to you!!!May you rise a good and funny clan!!!

I have some funny images about pokemon. If you want, I can post them.

Any idea when this feature is out?

I had an idea. What if we unlocked GIavatars with medals? It would make people play more and also be rewarded, making them to play even more!:cool:

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