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I'm removing my sprites from this thread, along with other art work on other threads, this thread in particular should probably be closed and deleted.

A Better PTD chat. Preferably with more functionality. Private rooms/messages, an ignore feature in case mods aren't around, mandatory registration for the chat, perhaps using your GI account as a log in. This could also be used as a clan feature, so each clan could have a private chatroom to converse in.

I think it would also be cool to have a Up vote Down vote option for the forum so people can "like" or "dislike" individual posts.

[This post was deleted by JabXIII]

I <3 GI because of the community here, I\'ve made lots of good friends and had loads of fun just doing random stuff, and making my weird little pokemon mix-up things here on the forum.

If I could change anything I\'d have more free time to be here since I\'ve been so busy lately ><

I have a degree in art, if I had to pick a favorite to make I\'d probably have to say Ceramics. My favorite art to just generally enjoy is probably Movies/Theater tied with Video Games. I really find the argument of \"Are Video Games Art\" to be a fascinating subject, there are those out there hellbent to deny this genre the right to be considered \"Fine Art\". If you enjoy a good debate it might be worth looking into.

Thanks for the killer contest Garrus ^^

one hundred and three

really a secret...

I Defiantly vote for Tapir cause Tapirs "Guard" their territories.


and I believe it's spelled Pegasus

Simply go to your profile by clicking on your name, Edit your profile and under the Signature section put [ IMG ] link to the picture [ /IMG ] without the spaces.

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