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so here is a little backstory to how i came up with this idea.

i was at school hanging out with my friends. We decided to bet eachother using real money to see how many paper balls we could get in the bin without missing. the person with the higher score would win the money.

Then BAM, i was hit with this idea to a get people using their GIPS in different ways. i was thinking that some people decide on a game they would like to play and then they would put up some GIPS eg 5 GIPS each. and they would try and out do eachother in one play through of a game. And the person with the higher score would win all the gips that were wagered.

Thanks for reading and i hope you like the idea

the levels are not a bug but a simple teaser type thing. lol

dang he beat me

here is a simple walkthrough for this level.

kinda the same story as Gohan13, but i came here for the SnD Coins, then once i came here i just got addicted to the site, with such friendly people on the site and the feeling of earning of achievements, SnD coins became like a sidequest for me.

chrizzel28 said:
thanks, and imjeffy, that\'s pretty funny in a way.

i found it pretty funny as well

lol my game crashed when i was training missingno. i am being really serious

chrizzel28 said:

you were only allowed to post once, oh well.


GaryDos said:
i think i missed it

yeah you did, next time i get a legend i will make a contest

ok trading a shadow victini, who ever can meet the requirments wins 14f484bf48b156 GO GO GO

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