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I like GI because it has most of my fav games on it
what could be improved is like well this web is already at its best lol

i totally understand this contest and it really sounds like fun i got hacked again lol but i can still attempt to play

Hi could i join? i\'ll do my best to help plz

If you are talking about the shadow the hedgehog the game then i really like the part when you meet up with omega and u vs dr.Eggman and in the end you kill him lol so funny

I agree with Garrus i have just earned 163 gips in 1 day wicth is today lol, its because of baritone adding more acivments we should be thankful to baritone

I agree baritone you go to so much trouble trying to let us have fun thanks for telling them this and plus you even reduced the price to top it of.....

i vote shiny Nidoking to

il offer 2 new shinys (execcute and the evolvment of it) plus shiny nidoking for shadow victini??

lol i will offer on the shadow entai

i sumited one on Man in Gap

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