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he guys it's me I can't really talk cause I got a lot of homework but we really do need baritone back

Granted, but now Anderson silva has no life

I wish I had the ability to fly

ok thanks and sorry cockatary and BAZZINGA!

Granted, but then it caused the space time continuum

I wish could have the powers of a saiyan

ok but this was waste of a post because once it past or at 1 week people can tell you just want gips

Granted, but then it would be Christmas every day for the rest of your life it would fun for a while but then you'd get sick of it

I wish I was a saiyan

granted, but it would be pretty cool.

I wish for world peace.

very cool segomac you to rhyhorn

that's awesome

tell us when your birthday is and well celebrate it mine's January 16

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