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I have, though it\'s been a long long time ago... Found all of the endings dissapointing, but i\'d say i\'d go for the protector of the arc ending.. But it\'s still the best of the worst.

Oof, i\'ve reached the second, but the third? *headexplodes*

I\'ve actually joined first for the SND coins, but now that i\'ve been here for a while, i no longer care about them. It\'s sickening to see how people are leeching off baritome, and how they treat other for it. People should have a little more shame

It might have been possible, but i doubt it. The dragonborn only were born due to the fact that they were needed to counter the power of the dragons. Due to the dragons going extinct, the dragonborn werent needed either, and were extinct too.... Though i cant say for sure, havent finished the main story line yet.

Motherload, or a simular game.. It\'s one of the most awesome games ever

I think mine was commander keen.. I\'m not completely sure though...

Heh, nostalgia: A://Start.exe

I\'d go for shiny Kangaskan.. He looks like a boss.

My suggestion for this day is to cap the SnD coins per IP.. If it\'s done per account, people would just make multiple accounts... Doing it this way, might make the coins sell out less quickly...

Ok, the game looked good, so i registered. I\'m having problems downloading it at the moment though, so could anyone help me with it? (The download link in the \'\'Getting started\'\' part just gets me back at the homepage)

1. Red player for life.

Missingno anyone?

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