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Heyo. I remember this place! I'm seeing some brand new eyes on the forum. The interface hasn't changed at all.

I was there during the very beginning of the website, when the website was primarily known as the free SnD coins website for Pokemon Tower Defense—might as well call me a co-founder, really. Now that I've grown up, I don't really frequent flash game websites like this one, due to a severe lack of interest and my gaming interests pushing me towards more console-ish stuff.

To be quite frank, I didn't particularly desire staying on this website because I knew it would have fell down the drain with the evident lack of support and updates, but the unexpected e-mail I've received have stirred up quite some attention from me, and I'm a little willing to find out how things have been going. Ehrm, so yeah. I'll find a pen and sign.

If anyone has even seen this video, I've done my job:


Jessica said:
Hello, i\'m Jessica.. sorry my enlish, i\'m italian

Welcome to Game Interlude. No matter what is your nationality, we consider every member special for us!

frank baryton expects you to like this site as he put a lot of effort on it

Great! This will save me from one click to find out my buddies.

Cool, you are a nice person. I too got some SnD Coins to giveaway, 10 to be exact. Tell me if you need something.

Hopefully this new add-on works well! I can\'t wait to get my GIPs faster!
By the way: Spendable GIPs or no?

Y\'all get the hell out, be happy we are giving you some coins.

Try refreshing the page then post your comment.

nice job man

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