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i think gi is a nice community with alotof nice ppl
theres no much that gi need to improve...
but it would be nice if we got more people

lol ig ot 2 snd coins 2 xDD
i think u should save them til later cause that wat im gonna do

go tapir >:3
they r soo cute *^*

look up angi for trade
i currently have 8 shadow legendary and many shiny and shadows >:3
plez dont offer any hacked versions >.<
and lookin for shiny mew and normal dogs

swampertlol said:
what are you going to giveaway after those 4 pokemon?

i dont know :/
would u like me to giveout
shadow Ekans or shadow Farfetchd

snorlax <3
its soo chubby *^*

how about da magical shiny mew xDD

this week is won by NitrogenSnow

Mr.Camacho said:
Shadow Gastly!<3

srry but the voting was only for the first week :/

its good be in da chat thats under the game xDD

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