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I like GI for the unique achievements. It\'s always fun when new ones come out. I guess the one improvement that I can really think of is less glitches when sending scores, but I understand how that goes.

Congrats on 6,000 members, GI!

pokemon999 said:
14fbed869bc74a Shiny mewtwo..I will accept the best offer in a couple hours.

I offered on the Mewtwo :cool: Thank you MUCHO if I won!

I made an offer on the Snorlax. Not sure if I was the first, but I hope so

I cannot thank you enough Gohan. You literally gave me like every single shadow I needed. I really don\'t know how to show my gratitude in the correct magnitude over the internet. My mind is blown by your kindness. Karma will be good to you. I really do hope I can do something one day to at least attempt to payback the favor.

And just to make my point a little stronger. THANK YOU!

Gohan13 said:
I offered Shadow Electabuzz i get magmar but you already have it and it\'s achievement now.

And Gohan humbles me yet again. I actually was checking my trades and pulling up GI at the same time, and saw the offer first. In what all felt like a couple milliseconds, I saw the trade and was in awe, then think to myself, \"This has got to be Gohan being so nice to me again,\" and of course, I look up to find myself correct. So yet again, THANK YOU!

And thank you for the thought for Magmar, but I got him through the achievement.

And yet again Gohan, you have made my day! Thank you so much!

All hail the mighty Gohan, great destroyer of Cell, and great giver of Pokemon!

I made an offer, but I wasn\'t sure what you were looking for and whatnot. If you want something else, feel free to say so.

Thank you soooooo much! You have helped me significantly. Hopefully one day I can repay you somehow. My hat is off to you :cool:

Oh wow, thank you so much! I cannot even explain how much I appreciate that. I am humbled by your generosity

Yessir as far as I know, I am. (I\'m on the list :cool: )

And yeah, I knew about the Spearow/Farfetch\'d thing but figured since I still needed both I would just put both.

I made an offer on one of your spearow, and I would have done the other but for some reason I have always like tangela, so I offered on one of your shadow tangela. If for any particular reason you would rather not trade the tangela though, thats perfectly fine.

Thanks so much!

So I am trying to finish up my shadow collection and just have a hand full left to go. I have a lot on trade (relatively at least) on my account at Ghoti. And since these shadows are some of the last things I'm collecting, I will be pretty lenient on the trades.

*Super Edit: So Gohan13 got me like everything... literally. His generosity was/is astounding. I cannot express how thankful I truly am through internet posts, but I am trying. Words cannot describe my appreciation.
Shadow Pokemon Gohan13 got me: Spearow, Sandshrew, Jigglypuff, Growlithe, Ponyta, Farfetch'd, Krabby, Tangela, Tauros, Omanyte, Aerodactyl, Dratini, Vaporeon, Electabuzz.

Three cheers for Gohan!

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