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missingno suck

6 pokemon\'s

hi can i borrow borrowing fire electric ice lvl 100 pokemon\'s from you i really need them to get the birds

i have shadow lickytung shiny bellsprout shiny pidgey

shadow lickytung shadow onix

hi i need help i have heard there is something called breeding method in ptd and i wondering how to bree pokemon?

hi people i am trading some pokemon\'s and just offer at pm what you want to trade my pokemon, id i narutorasengan,
weezing lvl 83
muk 82
magicarp lvl 68
tentacool lvl67
horea lvl66
staryu lvl 65
shelder lvl 65
ditto lvl 40
parasect lvl 25
ninetales lvl 81
pchyduck lvl 25

can i get it?

hi everyone i am collecting victini.if you have one then you offer here just say what you want.


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