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Dark Shiny Mew 10/10 very nice an good quality

A little hard to choose just 1 :frown:
but I like Cyndauil, an torchic

I don\'t really hav a fav since i like most of them
But i guess Fire.

My favorite is Snorlax, 2nd would be Feraligatr.
My strongest on PTD would be either Snorlax, Golem

Well i\'ve been playing it ever since Route 1 or 2 can\'t remember now, so i\'ve been playing pretty close to when it started XD
An i\'ve always been up2date with the game, grinding is what i do the most between updates

Maybe i\'ll hav better luck next time

I\'ve gone through GB, GBC, GBA, GBSP, Nintendo ds handheld\'s up to the newest 1 Nintendo 3DS, which yes the 3DS is my favorite

But even though the new 3D games are amazing mg: Gata <3 the classic\'s of Red/blue/yellow in fact they were my very first games ever

The main character from the pokemon game series, that was my childhood
As well as Mario an Luigi

Hey guy\'s i\'m new here to this website an forum, I kind of 4got 2 make this introduction yesturday XP. I\'m better known on the PTD forum as Zyon to but with the 17(funny I always choose the same name XD)
I really like playing Pokemon Tower Defense so much i\'m practically either on the forum or the game at some point of the day, most of the times it\'s both @.@
Also for those that play i\'m 1 of ppl that sends Avatar\'s to Sam to be put in the game, not much is their as of yet: Duskull, an the new bulbasaur hat. But alot more should be coming
But this website is great, so many games Can\'t w8 2 c how it runs with the updated server

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