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Im collecting shiny and shadow Eevees... and I also need a low-leveled Muk... thats about it. default NNC is my trainer account name.

Ok, well i think Sam fixed it now... I heard he gave the Missingno sprites in the Pokemon Center now.

...Dewgong can learn Hydro Pump by TM though...

Can we post our pics as well? O_o


Zeus off,which


GaryDos said:
Add slowpoke/bro with Heal pulse and you don\'t even need gary
I did chansey with heal pulse, and put chansey next to gary... BUT! Heal Pulse also heals Zapdos, so it isn\'t such a good idea...

jabXIII said:
trading GIPS is a very bad idea. People will start making new accounts over and over and just farm all the easy GIPS and transfer them to their main account. Its easily taken advantage of.
I didn\'t think of that... You\'re so right... I was thinking about giving GIPs to friends, like birthday presents etc.

Submitted two achievements for Counter-Snipe and three for Hit the Troll.

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