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Im dissapointed in you people.

Me =p

o.o! ..yes, my name is in that list xDD So you get the set. PM me what gender you want each one in and a pokemon's ID so i can send them lol.

Lol. My real name is not "Kate" xD it's more of my nickname lol

Games? I love games :3 ...The first person to post my real first name on this thread gets a set of shiny starters in ptd2 :3

Should'nt be too hard lol I've said it tons of times xD

lol. So much sarcasm... everywhere @^@

*noms on chips in the corner*

I'm wondering what shiny starters are worth in PTDG, or more accurately what they go for ©^©

I haven't really posted anything in forever xD I might start being more active again lol

Dewgong o.o

Hi new ppl :3

Hi Squirrel xD Its been forever lol Hope you're doing well:3

-Kate (Athena, Celty)

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