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(tbh, I'm only posting to get 3600 posts and to help people who claim to have OCD when they really don't with having 3599 posts.)

I took the ball...

Oh, but I decided to get rid of it because of all the crazy stuff we went through to take it from each other. Seriously, the thing isn't even a ball anymore, it's just dust now. How crazy have become thinking this tiny pile of dust is a ball? So I bought a new one.

My ball

Unfortunately, all the food was poisoned and the people who sent the food were recording everything and said "It's just a prank, bro!"

( Wouldn't be surprised if Makbot predicted the future about this one .-.)

Granted, but the alphabet went back to what it use to be instead of... whatever it is that you said :/

I wish that it was impossible to become bored


Granted, but all of your vacation spots were so far away that they needed you to travel, and you didn't have the money to do so. So you took up a job that pays minimum wage, and you'll be hoping one day to take a vacation, but while imagining it, you'll be working something that pays way too little than it should.

I wish all stairs became escalators

I told you every single plot twist to have ever happened in literature and in films because you wouldn't give me the ball. You were so mad that you threw the ball at me, but it landed right on my hand. My ball!

I yawned so much that you let out the longest yawn anyone has ever seen. You were so distracted with the yawn that I took the ball from you. I held in all the yawns that I could to get that ball.

My ball!


Why do I like heracross so much?

Well I took a online test a long time ago (maybe a year or 2) and according to that, I was a giraffe...

But if I had to say which animal represented me the most, then I think it has to be a African Grey Parrot... yea

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