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I think Level 20 sounds reasonable for unlocking avatar uploading. That might encourage members to be more dedicated to playing games on this site.

In my opinion, I don't see how automatic resizing/size restrictions would stop people from uploading an avatar if the option were available. Avatars can easily be cropped on your own using an image editor. Those who really want an avatar will find a way to make it work while fulfilling the size requirements. And how about all the people who don't want to upload animated .gifs? If someone just wanted to upload a picture of their dog for their avatar, there's no option for them to do that. What if there's someone who doesn't want to have to spend GIPS just to have a cool profile picture? Or maybe he doesn't like the limited GIvatar options. Whatever the case, I think we just need to create some more choices for avatars. Maybe this "every 5 levels there's a special upgrade" idea can be used for clans instead! It sounds like it would work well with the concept.

Or, we could just give back 70% of every GIvatar purchaser's GIPS spent on GIvatars, and then reduce the costs of all GIvatars and set avatar uploading at a reasonable price. I'm still against putting a price up for uploading an avatar. This whole GIvatar thing is sort of strange to me. In most forums I've visited, you're allowed to upload any avatar you want as long as it's not inappropriate.
It\'s a strategy game made by NTFusion. The game is on several flash game websites, but not GameInterlude.

I know Pocket Creature is already on the site, but Pocket Creature PVP would be a great addition! It\'s better overall, rebalanced and much more interesting than the first one.

I know Pocket Creature is already on the site, but Pocket Creature PVP would be a great addition! It\'s better overall, rebalanced and much more interesting than the first one.

All Shiny!
Bulbasaur: 14feb5fd53849f
Charizard: 14feb7f4557e44
Caterpie: 14feb7f622c3dc
Metapod: 14feb7f6b2af62
Weedle: 14feb7fa4725b3
Spearow: 14feb91a8378ca
Ekans: 14feb91abe6144
Pikachu: 14feb9916d83c3
Sandshrew: 14feb996690b00
Nidoran F: 14feb9a088c7e6
Nidoran M: 14feb9972c7046
Vulpix: 14feb9ac198b21
Jigglypuff: 14feb9ad12365f
Oddish: 14feb9b01a3029
Paras: 14febf705cb786
Venonat: 14febf712ad9b2
Diglett: 14febf7203eac4
Meowth: 14febf722cc412
Mankey: 14febf729b292c
Growlithe: 14febf784a6418
Poliwag: 14feb9b104d376
Machamp: 14feb9c3556ded
Bellsprout: 14feb9c4d9a565
Ponyta: 14febf8e4606b2
Farfetch'd: 14febf8ee1cb84
Shellder: 14febf8f08acf6
Krabby: 14febf8f5685c5
Weezing: 14febf906e8aa3
Chansey: 14febf906f1f6b
Tangela: 14febf90707314
Horsea: 14febf923298d6
Goldeen: 14febf9245b97e
Magikarp: 14feb92cb916d9
Ditto: 14feb9c7b143e4
Kabuto: 14feb93941ba2f
Mewtwo: 14feb91d4e783c

All Regular!
Snorlax: 14f469e954eef3
Snorlax: 14fb9016e971c3
Snorlax: 14f469e921f7aa
Lapras: 14fb3fb69e425a

No Game Corner or Achievement Pokemon please. Search Shiny Spaz in the PTD Trading Center for more!

Great! Thanks for the quick response, baritone.

Hello. I typed in my PTD account email several months ago. Last week, I purchased a Flame Pack from the Shop. However, one week has passed and my SnD coin has still not arrived in my account.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question; the forums are a bit difficult to navigate. I have searched the forum to the best of my ability and read the FAQ and Help sections.

There\'s always some people who can\'t afford Snd coins and would want some of the common shinies.

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