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So i dont know if anyone knows but ive been gone for a pretty long time and havnt checked anything but for this thread i am takeing request again so if you want anything just say

thanks lenert123 its nice to see that some of my old forum posts are still alive

*crawls back to Gi* i missed every one x3

"edit" o.o what just happened

NicWin said:
I wonder if there is going to be any last-minute contestants that want a clan and post 2 days from now. That will certainly turn up the heat.

AHA i new you didnt know >.>

NicWin said:
@Ximaxtron OK? Well, good luck!
@RED2 I know what a facehoof is.

o.o then what is it

yush :3...only cool people call me red so that explains you o.o xDD jk

O.O do you guys even know what a facehoof

*lurks around thread*


Hey Baritone i want a clan on GI because i have always dreamed of haveing a clan but ive never could earn enough GIPS for it also if i had my clan every single GIP i own will be for the clan's bank i wiil not be picky for who wants to join anyone can enter ,well if theirs enought space xD, and it would be awesome to have on

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