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Lol heard this one many times, I\'ll give someone else the chance to answer and ask a new riddle

haha, i know i just did it to win a suicune though if there wasnt a prize i wouldnt have thought of that

The cursed thethod was fixed since ponyta came out, check out the dragon rage method

Wow the prices of SnD coins raised? Im disappointed but happy cuz i got my first psychic pack Just bummed that others got a 20%

TrnrUniverse is right, we need to know if it is heavier or lighter. Say is is heavier, do a 3 vs 3 with the scale, if it is equal in weight do the last 2 marbles 1 vs 1, whichever is lighter is the odd marble. If in th 3 vs 3 one side is lighter, take 2 marbles on the lighter side and do a 1 vs 1, if one is lighter thats the odd one, if they are equal weight, the last of the 3 is the odd one out.
I hoped i explained it so that it is understandable, and if it is here is my riddle:

It happens once in a minute, twice in a week, and once in a year. What is it?

Get a mew!!! its the best pokemon in the game!

ok thank you Baritone

took out her

At what time are the SnD coins restocked? I\'ve been waiting a few days to get them but, they are always out of stock

I have enough GIPS to get 5 SnD coins right now, but i want to know if there will be larger packs instead of just 1 and 5 coins, will there ever be 10 or 20 or 50? I dont want to waste my coins right now so please help

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