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Even though I know that the channel has sort of stopped releasing videos,

I think that it would be cool to give reviews of games ( Since that kind of stopped too)

but I think the main reason people watch gaming channels is because of their commentary and editing skillz.
Because I when I watched to videos it was a bit boring to watch.
If the channels are mainly walkthroughs then Maybe add some music or something.

Well whoever continues to make GI vids, best of luck!


Hey GI!

I just saw some comments about questions that were about 2 weeks ago or so and sometimes people don't really come back to the game just to look back at there questions.And what if people were starting a war or something in the comments?

So I thought that why don't we add in a reply to comment button and a report abuse button like other websites?

Lemme know what you guys think.


hmmm havn t been here for a while looks like not much people come here now..........

Cool new system even though i dont need one u should try it out!

cool gary dos awsome of u to do this(im not new but thanx anyway)

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