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I would so donate money to baritone! Who wouldn\'t?

Sorry, re read the rules

Don\'t listen to them Baritone. We know you spend a great deal of time and money on this.
We are Lucky for you to be giving any SnD Coins at all. We\'re with you Baritone

Look me up My account name is Patar1010

^^ I bought it with Pokedollars on the SnD Central. Don\'t go there much anymore though :/

Cellso, people work hard for them! You aren\'t so much more special than lots of other people.
revan14 Thanks! I got it sndcentral

I\'d say a Sonic game The older ones though, not too fond of the new ones.

Thanks! It\'s a snivysaur ( Mix of Snivy and Bulbasaur ). 10/10 for yours, that\'s an epic animation!

I really like PTD and Flood Runner Fun Games

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