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I've been gone for a long time and so many things have changed. I won't be able to keep up, so I'm just gonna give up and stop playing. It's been wonderful here, but I just can't keep up with the new things. Well, if you want to find me, I play some other games like Minecraft and GoodGame Empire. My name is GoldenNinjaGod in both of those games. I also stopped playing PTD due to inactivity. I might come on for a little while but won't earn many GIPS. See ya!

chrizzel28 said:
strategy, it generally involves a lot of thinking, like math

and nic, why did you only say 'hey' a few posts ago? you know you're only supporting the view of you being a spammer, right?

I said that because the last post on this topic was heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa. It must have glitched.
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Stop saying that ninjashotgun. I know you're just trying to get GIPS. And the next time he says it, you're going to say the same thing.

Yeah, it is fun! *sarcasm* Anyways, it's 20:42 here, and I'm going to be off soon. Just finishing some homework.

Funnykid7000, from now on, don't post any comments unless you are answering the questions for the mini-contest. There's no point. It's so obvious that you want to get GIPS.

Yeah, sure.

Why would I yell at you? Oh, you revived an old thread. Please stop doing that okay?

Yeah, I don't care if you reply or not anymore.

Well, I'm starting your forum signature graphic soon. Just gotta finish a little more homework. By that I mean a whole pile of homework. XD

Yeah, getting off topic is a habit.

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