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Hi guys! I haven't forget!

chrizzel28 said:
maybe some of us should also get some extra points for seniority and things we did for the clan (like thrown in gips and contests hosted).

Seems like a good idea, but it won't be fair for the other folks in the clan. Maybe starting NOW, if you host a LEGIT Contest with LEGIT rules, I can give points! I am planning some awesome Ideas, I want you guys to see! Lately I have been distracted by Skyrim lol, I am late with that game but I got it like two weeks ago and it is PURE Awesome, so if you guys got a PC, PS3, or Xbox 360, it a must have game!

This Forum update can make it easy to make a Rank thread!

You are correct Gohan it is High school of the Future!!! You got a Question!!!!

Gohan you make a good point, I won't post lots of contests without warning!!! But Sometimes I will susprised you with a contest!!!!! I will add the points later chrizzel!!! Nice btw!

Please share any ideas!!!!

I am trying to spent more time in here but with all these assignments it super hard!!!!

For question 2 here is are some hints

* It a high school
* It has "future" in the name
* Located in Philadelphia!

I will use a post to keep track of your points for example :

Mr. Camacho - 0 ( Ocelot )
Mr. Example - 0 ) ocelot )

And I will just keep updating the post
or maybe in the first post.....
but for now
Everyone say there name in a post exactly how it is, so I can just copy it

Clan Questions each worth 66 Points! ( whoever answers it first correct gets the points, please label the questions or tag them! )

1. When was my first post in this thread?
2. What school do I attend to?
3. What is the next rank after Lynx?

Bonus ( worth 662)

What was my first and tenth to last post in GI!!<3

Sorry if ME SPELLING is bad I am kinda in a hurry.

chrizzel28 said:
i understand, and it isn\'t a biggy about ocelots being low ranked.
and will points from previous contests be counted as well if that\'s gonna be the point system?
I don\'t know yet.. Let me think, but please share any ideas you got!! (It can only help, even if you think it a bad idea!).

Honestly, I have no idea how the ranking is going to be... Sorry to hear that chrizzel We can do, everytime time you sign up for a contest and win you might get points or doing events, ect.

I will be on the zone with taxes, and making lots of events and contest like before. But please wait until Monday. My teachers are in Rapid Fire mode giving out Assignments!!!!!!

Ok, so here is the list of the ranks:

Yes it will be cats! The higher the number the lower the rank! I will probably do different passages you can take as you rank up by points! But this will take time and your Opinion so please share!

Big leagues

1. Baritone ( he will always be untop of us )
2. I have my own speacil picture!
3. The Calm Lion(30,000pts!)
4. The White Tiger(20,000pts)
5. Snow leopard(15,000pts)
6. Panther(12,000pts)
7. Jugaur(9,000pts)
8. Cheetah(8,000Pts)
9. Tiger(6,000pts)
10. Puma(5,000pts)

between Leages
1. Lynx(3,400pts)
2. Clouded Leopard(2,800pts)
3. Asian Cat(2,400pts)
4. African Golden Cat(2,000pts)

Small Leages

1. Jaguarundi(1,000pts)
2. Marbled Cat(800pts)
3. Caracal Cat(600pts)
4. Fishing Cat(500pts)
5. BobCat(250Pts)
6. Ocelot
( Everyone starts at Ocelot so please put it in your Singature!

Ocelot Img : usr_img


Gohan13 said:
I don\'t have problem on putting another image on my signature but I\'m not gonna remove my signature, so I will have 2 images.

About the review, as a first paragraph I think it\'s pretty good!

About the videos, they are kinda brutal especially the second one.
You can keep your other image ^.^<3

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