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Search \"Ks.\" at the Pokemon Center.
Just offer if you\'re interested in anything.


A pretty long distance relationship. hno:

I have the following for trade! :3

Shadow Doduo
Shiny Metapod
Shiny Clefairy
Shiny Jigglypuff

I\'m looking for other Shiny/Shadow Water Type Pokemon!

The ones I already have are:

Shiny Krabby
Shiny Staryu
Shadow Goldeen
Shiny Starmie

I\'m looking for ones I don\'t have!

I didn\'t get my GIPs after choosing a logo

-has a GI account-

-has a PTD chat account-


I vote Shiny Nido!

I\'m looking for other Shadow Water type Pokemon. I do not know what this is worth, so please offer me.

I also accept Water type Shinies! xD

Coins is angry and convinced you will forget him cause he doesnt have that awesome little stamp under his name and i\\\'ve been here 2 days shorter or something lol

I dunno if he has beef with Garrus

An honored member would be someone that had joined ages ago.. I would say anyway

Don\'t worry Coins <3 you\'re too hard to forget since you remind me f you everytime i pull out a nickel.

Whatchu mean by beef? .__.



me wants shiny! (throws tantrum)

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