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Ati said:
I have none TT.TT Which avatar was best for female character? Because I've never really said attention to what they are, as I could never have one. It's really sad that you can't get them, neither by SnD or trade, at least mystery gifts Pokemons were obtainable by trade or adoption center, avatars are limited :C
I like this one--->usr_img

But you should decide what's the best female avatar, you are a female :Ρ

PS: Here's a link for all avatars---->Click!

Ati said:
Actually, chance is 1% x3 I don't use incenses and I'll breed them until I'll get one, even if that would mean that my Pokemons would collapse from exhaustion :C
I'm kidding, lol. One more question, have anyone got more than 2-days-to-hatch egg? If you've got shiny/shadow Pokemons, were that 2 days as well? Or does this change?
No, it always takes 2 days. It doesn't matter if it's shiny, shadow or regular.

Ati said:
Btw, I'm breeding Zorua's now, maybe I'll get lucky to have shiny one x3
Did you use Gold Incenses?

If no, then I think the chance to be shiny is 2%... good luck xD

Ati said:
What do you mean by "holding" an egg? And how to increase it?
I mean keep/have one egg.

About increasing the limit, there is no way to increase it yet, I just suggest it to Sam O.O

with huge apples


funnykid7000 said:
i want to give them in my giveaway that none of you sam to care about

We care, but they are common pokemons, we got them already :Ρ

Ati said:
Thanks, just got them :3

Btw, is breeding limited? I've heard that you can breed Pokemon only 3 times, then you need to buy more. What is cost of that? o.o

No, that's not true. I had read Sam's blog, he had post something and I thought the same thing as you did, so I sent him an email, he replied "You can only breed 3 eggs at a time but you can breed an unlimited number of times", that's what he said and then I replied "There is no limit on how many eggs we can get, but there is a limit on how many eggs we can hold, right? If yes, then I suggest you to add a limit of one egg per account, that will not let us hold more than one egg at the same, and you will let us increase the limit(from 1 egg to 2, 3 or more) with SnD Coins or Daily Coins, that will give to people more things to do with the Daily Coins, since we are earning a lot of Coins and we need only 50 days to collect enough Coins for a shiny starter or Zorua".

PS: It seems like it's my fault that we can hold only one egg xD

I don't remember how many times I've asked Sam to add old mystery gift avatars. I always wanted to get Team Rocket avatar, but he ignores me all the time >.<

I got some good ones, like Alakazam avatar usr_img and Delibird avatar usr_img, but I still want to get Team Rocket avatar usr_img


PS: Don't spam please :Ρ

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