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GeorgiX64X: The person who is glad that lennert123 is glad that the person who have this title had came back (Title PD:wow ive made a rhyme without knowing how!!)

GeorgiX64X : The Legend that quitted and now came back laughing on the stupid tittles that everyone is putting to himself in excepcion of lennert123 that he is a spoiler but thinks that this title is stupid too and it will continue be longer because the man that has got this title wants to get the world's guiness record of the largest title record in the world but it will be hard because it is 4085 words but anyway he is trying to get the record and he will continue writting as how he likes cheese and how he ate a pikachu spaghettini with Roland snake cheese that have brough chuck noriss's pet that his name is Nyan dog

1 dog says to another dog:

And the other dog says:
-Bub Da Bub up(shut the f*** up)

the 1st dog again says:
-Bub da uppa numa numa gay (numa numa song : p )

xD (a stupid one , but it is what ive got -.-)

named Poopy McFartus_Elk (McFartus_Elk is one word because is is together)



for some reason , i know this country o_o

and monkeyful yeti

train (do you mean succu-BUS?)

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