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only to find

Shizu_Elk][Align=center][u][color=#ff0000][size=6]Hockey┬┐ Anyone┬┐[/align]
[align=center][b] Medal Stealers Pt.2[/align]

[*][b]This is a Contest for DSC members only*. The Rules are simple. Take my Gold Medal on the Game [b]\" Air Hockey WorldCup\"
. The person in possesion of the Gold Medal at the time of the deadline will win the Prize.[/b&topic_id=127">said:
[i]*(Some Exceptions may apply)

[*]Prize is 60 SnD Coins**
**(I cannot transfer Coins onto the Winner\'s Account. The Winner must provide me a List of the Pokemon they want. I will then send those selected Pokemon to one of theirs, normally a Reg. Pidgey or Reg. Caterpie. Prizes will be at Adoption Levels with corresponding Move Set.)

[*][u]Deadline is 9/12/12 @ 11:59PM

[b]Good Luck all Contenders; Have Fun :3

wow.. i suck at that game xD

I scored 10 goals in a minute and a half.. sadly only 3 were in the opponents goal xD ahahaha

hehe 6000 members

hopefully we\'ll continue to grow.. keep up the work Baritone..

I love GI!!!! whoo whoop

noplo said:
is there gonna be anymore contests soon ?

There probably will be more contests..

Sadly theres limits on the clan numbers atm so its hard

I\'ve sent you a PM.. please read it.

baritone (GI) said:
Hi Gary!

Is it suppose to be a moderator privilege?

yes if that means your do it xD

I just mean you can see my score is over 2 million ^_^


mkdragon said:
[quote=ShadowMewy][quote=mkdragon]I would really want to join p.s anyone know how to beat cinnabar gym

Use 2 vaporeons that know hydro pump or surf[/quote]do they have to be vaporeons[/quote]

it doesnt have to be vaporeons but it really has a great moveset..

Hydropump, rain dance, acid armor, aqua ring.. then you pretty much have an invinsible team..

Also not everyone needs rain dance, so you can give 1 helping hand to up your attack and other good things like this xD

Gohan13 said:
[quote=justforfun]Just WOW!
I\'m not the only one, ger80 has them all too [/quote]

wish I had them all but i\'ve been so clogged with work recently its ridiculous

hey Baritone.. I was just wondering if you could unlock the achievements for mushroom madness for me..

I have 2 million so its over the limits for the achievements but obv they just came out..

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