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Congrats to both of the winners. I'll miss having both of you in my clan (maybe xD), but best of luck.

Ah, sorry. I got pretty busy the past couple of days. Only four people competed (GI's been rather quiet recently), so the next person to post in this thread that did not participate will get a shadow legendary. This can be absolutely anyone, even if you're not in DSC. Anyway, here's the results:

First: Danrulz
Second: NicWin
Third: ShadowMewy
Fourth: ladd101

Congrats to the winners and message me with your preference of shadow legendary (or legendaries).


- The two games for the contest will be City Siege 3: Jungle Siege and Blob Tower Defense.
- I will add your scores on these two games to determine your final score.

-Contest starts on Monday, October 8th and ends on Friday, October 19th at the end of the day.
-You MUST send me a message telling me that you\'re interested in participating.
-The participants with the five highest scores will receive shadow legendaries as prizes. Those who participate but do not receive a prize may choose any non-legendary pokemon in my PTD1 account.

- First and Second Place: Two shadow legendaries each.
- Third, Fourth, and Fifth Place: One shadow legendary each.

Hopefully these pokemon will be useful to you later when they can be transferred to PTD2. I will try to work out getting other prizes for you to choose from in the future. Good luck, everyone.

Gohan and Tony didn\'t rate each other\'s avatars while they were talking... ban them! xDD This thread was so much more fun when we could upload our own avatars. xD

Avatar above me belongs to a smelly person, but it\'s Bowser so 10/10. xDD

Composer said:
[quote=Garrus]My favorite game would have to be Team Fortress 2. I love all the Zelda and Mario games, though. I also love Knights of the Old Republic and Empire at War (both star wars games).

Nice i played TF 2 also for a while =). But the game i played for the longest time is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. So guess that is one that belong to my favorites.[/quote]

I love that game. I haven\'t been able to game as much recently since the workload of junior year compared to sophomore year is insane. xD My new favorite game would have to be Bioshock. :3

Pokemon Black and White 2, of course. xD Also, Phoenix Wright 4 (most people have no idea what that is xDD) and Left 4 Dead 3.

Anyone else notice the name of this thread? Chinabar gym. xDDD I personally used the gyarados strategy but vaporeons with surf, rest, and aqua ring wouldn\'t be a bad idea, either. You\'d have to trade someone who beat the game to get a pokemon with surf that early, though.

killzonedeath said:
what do you guys think my clan name should be

I don\'t really have a suggestion since thinking and I aren\'t on good terms while I\'m sick. xDD Looks like you\'re going to have to work pretty hard (or buy a GIPS pack. xD) Best of luck to you, though. :3

Gohan13 said:
I\'ll be honest.

There are 6284 members here, only 30 of them have 750 GIPS or more, I don\'t think anyone would give so many GIPS to buy a rare GIavatar I mean, most of avatars cost 50% more than 5 SnD Coins, and they are at the same price with Clans, that doesn\'t make any sense, they are just images. The clan feature is the best feature GI has(in my opinion), everyone would like to lead his own clan, but who would ever give so many GIPS for an avatar.

In my opinion, you should create a feature that would let us upload our images anytime, and it would be available at shop in a logical price.

Great minds think alike, I suppose. xD Kate and I have been thinking the same thing with the ability to upload your own avatar. I like the drawing idea as well, baritone, since it would encourage members to be more active or draw in new members, even. Everything but the coins would be free for you which is a price you can\'t beat. xD

1. RPG Shooter: Starwish (Easily the best flash game out there, in my opinion. It has an amazing soundtrack, as well. It takes a while, but you should definitely give it a try if you like RPG's.)
2. Zombies, Inc. (Really fun zombie strategy game. :3)
3. Sonny 2 (It's playing style is similar to Final Fantasy, which I love.)
4. Rebuild (Another fun zombie strategy game... zombies rule. xD)
5. Hack Slash Crawl (No explanation needed, I hope. xD)
5. Hex Empire (Strategy games are always fun. :3)
6. Lab of the Dead (Very odd game compared to most here, but fun if you're not afraid of a little blood. xD)
7. PTD (Because... Pokemon. xDD)

And yush, I did do more than five... deal with it. xDD

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