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Looking around this site again's been fun (still good games) but also kinda sad remembering how big it used to be and how much of a huge friendly competition it (mostly) was. Anyway, this is a place for suggestions, right? Anyone know anything that could replace mochimedia?


I play a lot, casually (I.e. not ranked). My summoner name's ManyYearsLater.

I haven't been around much, because it's been so dead, but if you're back-ish, I'll check back more often. Other than that, can't really say much else that hasn't been said before, so I'll finish up by saying that I hope you can work it out, and that the site can one day be back to it's former glory.

*closing statement*



When someone asks "Do I look fat in this?"

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

kpwbo said:
He puts 1 white marble in a box and all the other marbles in the other box.


A man is being held prisoner in a tower. He is presented two boxes, one containing 100 black marbles, the other containing 100 white marbles. He is told: "You have until tomorrow to rearrange the marbles between the boxes as you wish, but you must use all of the marbles. Tomorrow, I shall pick one marble from one of the boxes. If it is white, you may go free. If it is black, you die." Currently, his survival chance is 50%. But he manages to boost it to almost 75%. How?

Granted, but F is the new A.

I wish I had something to wish for.

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