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Happy New Year to all!

There is a small bug on the frontpage of the website. Instead of showing the lowest score (which results into a gold medal) it shows the highest score on the frontpage. So at the moment Lionheart (bronze medal) is listed on the frontpage.

Just an eyes up =)

Yeah but mods as leader? Aren't we answering questions and helping the community already? I think it wouldn't be neccesary to create a clan for that. Maybe a combo of the ideas is possible then, that it is a fake clan with a fake leader, fake challenges etc. And if someone has unanswered questions after the whole "training" he can ask his questions which will be autodirected to the mods.

Well ain't it easier then to introduce some helping guy "MR. GIPS" or so. Who will guide you through the basics of the website. Like things as:
-Go to the achievement games
-Get your first GIPS rewarded
-Apply for a clan
Etc. and give them like 50 GIPS if they succesfully finish the "training program"

Well the thing is that all clans have a lot of inactive members, so you can just replace them for the new members who have proven themselves already.

And if a new member can choose, again a clan with a lot of high levels is much more appealing. Which will result into even more difference in GIPS.

Yeah had the same thing with that game.

Well in my opinion a training clan isn't the solution. Since if new members doesn't even stick for a week the training clan will be still useless.

And isn't it the job of the clanleaders to "spot and train" the new members? Cause in my opinion it makes it even more unbalanced here on GI. Since a member with potential (fast GIPS) is probably more likely to join HRC (since they have "higher level players" since it looks more appealing, than one of the other smaller clans.

So I have 2 idea's that might can contribute in a positive way (maybe not):

1: Give new registered users a pop-up or a e-mail or so, where you make new users aware of the clans on GI and the usage of them.
New users will know about clans and the clan system
New users will be curious (and kinda directed to the clanpages)
New users will be more likely to join a clan

Probably a lot of level 1 players with no experience will apply for a clan (and maybe stick for just a day)

2: "Master/Apprentice" A GI user with above 1000 GIPS, can "recruit" apprentices (bit similar to the clan system).
A master has to stimulate and guide an apprentice through GI. When it reaches a certain (let’s say 500 GIPS) the apprentice will “graduate” and the master will be rewarded with a prize.
The prize can be GIPS, Special avatars etc, or maybe just a counter on the players page as:
Apprentices Graduated:1

New users can get stimulated by the master
New users can learn the functions on GI

People who stick for a day and who fill in one of the apprentice spots.
Masters who spend a lot of time in training and guiding players while they never reach their goal.

Well that is my idea =)

@karl1234 Since there is no real deadline I think you can compete. As I told you before getting 1000 GIPS isn't that hard. It might take a few hours, but still easy to get. + You will have enough GIPS for SND coins which means double free pokemons

30th of August

Nice idea, hopefully some people will see it as a motivation!

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