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Great site we have here, haven't been here as long as most of you, but I was here before MochiGames shut down. The site that was here then was a great one, and I also miss that site.

Signed the petition! Keep spreading the word!

I can so stupid sometimes
Sorry about that, I'll check more carefully from now on.

I was playing Wonderputt, and I scored 149,769 at the end of my third try. Upon seeing the score, I was a little disappointed that I missed the achievement by so little - but I submitted the score anyway because it was the best I'd done. Somehow I was handed the 150,000 point achievement and the GIPS, and skyrocketed to 21st in the highscore list. This must be a somewhat-recurring problem, as the game states it has passed out 62 of the third achievement so far. I'm not really complaining, but I feel that it was won somewhat unfairly.

arkangelst said:
What if all videogame villians were pokemon

Rival (Pokemon)

I love all the "what if everyone were pokemon" pictures you posted. This one was my favorite because it's so true though - your rival always smells you later, has an overinflated ego, and you can name him "Fart". Where did you find these?

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