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i have magmar
offer here 14f89f13bdf6f1

idk , what you offer ?
i really need good pokes

shiny zapdos 14f8b0e92ac7c3
shiny magmar 14f8b0462b202b
shadow magmar 14f89f13bdf6f1
shiny articuno 14f8b5457bc4e8
shiny snorlax 14f8b43be2a89f

give me, at count Celso67, offer and i will accept (:

ah ok, i have shadow slowpoke and bulba, what you can offer for this ? xD

i have shadow in my count Celso67, Celso67C, Celso67D and Celso67E

offer good shinys ;p

ok, i get shiny magmar now....

ok, thanks

ok, i offer in your count, in shiny magmar, look and tell me if you accept

i have shiny charizard in my count Celso67... look

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