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o.o Turns out it was the SnD coins were aready on the acount, thx for the help.(Thought i had to go on my email ).

So I entered the wrong email when I bourght SnD coins :/ is there a way for it to like change it so it's sent or is the SnD coins on the wrong email?

joyojo700 said:
How do you use your flame pack when you buy one?
please someone answer thankyou

well you first gotta buy the flame pack than it will come to your email that you use in pokemon than you open it go to your acount if you did put your email

this was a long talk but thanks again.

ok i\'ll just use other computers thanks anyway

I treid on another computer and guess what it works so why won\'t work on mine?beCause i have windows 8?

Ok I treid other ones but samething happens no buy butten nothing works there for me.

I mean i can do nothing there when i click at shop and i click at the place to see the back grounds but it just does nothing

well when i\'m at shop i click at backgrounds but it doesn\'t work and just hig lights is so this is no buy butten

ahh no buy butten for background.

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